Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Homage to Siddique,the famous Malayalam film maker.


    Siddique,one of the most popular directors of Malayalam and Tamil films is no more today.This blog already carries an article'Tamil films of Malayalam directors' posted on 17th August 2019, in which he finds a prominent place.With his passing away, Malayalam cinema has lost a really entertaining film maker whose films carried robust comedy scenes and family-oriented action sequences meant for all ages of the audience.

  From Ramji Rao speaking to Big Brother, Siddique's energy levels of narration remained unstinted. His most noted films were Vietnam Colony, Godfather. Kabooliwalah,Hitler,Friends,Chronic Bachelor,Body Guard,Baskar the Rascal and Big Brother. One could notice the prominence of English flavour in the titles of all the films made by Siddique.

   Some of his films made into Tamil were, Vietnam colony{with Prabu replacing Mohanlal} Friends,Chronic Bachelor as Enga Anna, Body Guard as Kavalan and Baskar the Rascal as Baskar Oru Rascal. Siddique has also made the Tamil film Sadhu Miranda.Like their Malayalam counterparts, Tamil audience also enjoyed the hilarious comedy scenes with Vadivelu &his team of comedians creating a ruckus in Friends and Enga Anna besides Vadivelu sitting on the head of Vijay in Kavalan. These comedy scenes neatly fell in line, with those of Innocent & team in Siddique's Malayalam films.

  What was special about Siddique's film making process was the innate gusto in narration involving every character of the story line. If Fazil's film relied on delicate touches of aesthetics and humour, Siddique focused on an invigorating journey, enthusing the audience at every stage and every frame of the course of cinematic events presented with physical comedy accompanied by emotional sparks. It is another fact that both Fazil and Siddique made films purely for the family audience. But Siddique took the action segment in narration a little more strongly,than Fazil.

    With the loss of Siddique,who started his creative career as a modest screen play writer for the film Pappan Priyapetta Pappan, Malayalam cinema is let down by the crude onslaught of time. Siddique was just nearing his seventieth year of age. His demise would have saddened not only the film fraternity and his family, but also a major chunk of the Tamil film audience because his affinity towards the Tamil audience was as much close as that of his emotional bonding with his native folks. This blog writer deeply mourns the fact that Siddique is not here to give us more of his enjoyable film treats. Long live Siddique in the memory of his lovers and his film fans.



  1. "சித்திக்கின் இழப்பால், காலத்தின் கோரத் தாக்குதலால் மலையாளத் திரையுலகம் கைவிடப்பட்டது." இதைவிட பொருத்தமான, அருமையான அஞ்சலி வேறில்லை🙏🏻🙏🏻

  2. ஆழ்ந்த இரங்கல்

  3. Wonderful!
    Your post is a befitting tribute to the departed cine-director in the form of a review!
    A man who made his audience laugh throughout his films!