Saturday, August 12, 2023

Jailer,Nelson's best among his four


   Young film maker Nelson has been comfortably travelling on the roadways of dark humour with absolute dedication and delight from his first film Kolamavu Kokila.However, Jailer has turned out to be the most interesting and entertaining part of this journey,thanks to the highly refreshing participation of the Superstar.The film is cozily drawn between gruesome violence and graceful humour,hidden in dialogues hardly to be missed. Vigorous sprinkles of sudden and silently hitting dialogues spiced in comedy ingredients and brutal splashes of blood caused by the hammer and guns take Jailer closer to the audience,as an unusual Rajinikanth film.

   Rajinikanth is bound to his role by the chains of Nelson with occasional freedom to get back to his Superstar style.{The brief time flashback showing Rajinikath as a crudely chastising Jailer,is the liberty of Rajini,at the mercy of his jailer, Nelson}The initial scenes showing the routine of the submissive grandpa Rajini and his cheeky grandson Rithvik are moments of great relaxation to be revelled by the audience. This indirectly connects 'Jailer' with Kamal's 'Vikram' where the grandpa Kamal had his disquieting moments with his sickly grandson.

  Jailer is an unusual Rajini film when compared to the other releases of the mass hero in the recent years, because here one could see a calm and composed Rajini silently battling with his pangs of emotions while at the same time cutting his fellow characters with knives of humour, to which Yogi Babu becomes the chief victim. The Bharathiyar episode of Yogi Babu will stay long in audience memory. Perhaps it is this cutting blow of Rajini that has put the mischievous and the noisy tongues of V.T.V Ganesh{the psychiatrist}and Redin Kingsley under check.

  'Jailer' dynamically brings together Mohanlal,Shiva Rajkumar,Jackie Shroff, from  Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi cinema,as great companions of Jailer Muthuvel Pandian,besides inducting Sunil {as Blast Mohan}and Sunil Reddy {as director Bagunnara Balu} from the Telugu belt. All these actors add to the cinematic segment of the film. Apart from Rajinikanth,the other two winning edges of Jailer are Nelson's timely dialogues dipped in black humour that would enjoyably get filled in the memory wallets of the youth and the excellent roleplay of villain, by Vinayakan. From a villain's henchman in Thimiru,Vinayakan has has grown into a diabolic killer.

  Ramya Krishnan and Mirnaa Menon are the beautiful and meek womenfolk of the jailer's family. Vasanth Ravi as the Jailer's son and ACP, has done a neat role with his inability to satisfactorily answer his dad's repeated question,"Do you have anything to tell your dad, son?" The twist in the climax between the father and son, cannot go unnoticed.

   One cannot fail to record Tamannah's dance number which does not pass on as a mere glamour show but compactly adds to the all-pervading humour core of the film. Anirudh's Kaavaala and Hukum and his background score are really invigorating. But one could feel Annathe songs still ringing in their ears. On the whole,Jailer would remain as the most wanted films of the superstar, to be preserved in the archives, as his latest hit.



  1. ."....ரஜினிகாந்த் நெல்சனின் சங்கிலிகளால் தனது பாத்திரத்திற்குக் கட்டுப்பட்டுள்ளார்..." ஒரு வரியில், படைப்பாளியின் திறமையும், அவர் படைப்பின் அரு மையையும் இதை விட சிறப்பாக குறிப்பிட என் ஆசானால் மட்டுமே முடியும். ஃபிலிம் நியூஸ் ஆனந்தன் இன்னும் வாழ்ந்து கொண்டு தான் இருக்கிறார்.....இவர் எழுத்துக்களில்...

  2. சிறப்பான விமர்சனம்..... எனக்கென்னவோ ஒரே மாவில் தோசை, இட்லி , இடியாப்பம் என்று ஊற்றுவது போல் உள்ளது.... ரஜினி ரசிகர்களுக்கு ஏமாற்றமில்லை..

  3. Yet to see the film. Observing from the review, it will be good.