Monday, December 25, 2023

The Vijaya Vauhini Studios


   In the line of Gemini Studios and AVM film production house, the Vijaya Vauhini Studios has remained as a prominent motion picture movie studios in Chennai.This illustrious film making house is a combination of Vijaya Studios run by Bommireddy Nagi Reddy and Chakrabani and the Vauhini Studios let on lease by Moola Narayana Swamy,their longtime partner. 

  Started in 1948 some of the unforgettable films made by the Vijaya Vauhini Studios are Padhala Bhairavi,Kalyanam Panni Paar,Chandraharam, Missiamma,Guna Sundari,Maya Bazar,Kadan Vaangi Kalyanam, Manidhan Maaravillai,the block buster MGR film Enga Veetu Pillai that ran in theatres for more than a year,Enga Veettu Penn, Nam Naadu,the other superhit MGR film, Sivaji Ganesan's Vani Rani, Rajini's Uzhaippali, Kamal's Nammavar,Visu's Meendum Savithri, Vishal's Thamirabharani,the two Danush films Vengai and Padikkaadhavan,Ajith's Veeram, Vijay's Bhairava and Vijay Sethupathi's Sanga Thamizhan.

  Besides these Tamil entries there were many Telugu films made by Vijaya Vauhini Studios and a few Hindi films of which Ram Aur Shyam {the Hindi remake of Enga Veetu Pillai}and Julie which was a remake of the most popular Malayalam film Chattakari were major Bollywood hits.L.V.Prasad, K.V.Reddy and Tapi Chanakya were the main directors of films produced under the banner of Vijaya Vauhini Studios.The other directors inducted were C.P.Jambulingam,[Nam Nadu} P.Vasu,{Uzhaippali},Manobala,{Karuppu Vallai}Suraj {Padikkadhavan},Siva,{Veeram}K.S.Sethu madhavan,{Nammavar}Bharadhan {Bhairava} and Hari.{Thamirabharani & Venghai}.Among the last century top most heroes Gemini Ganesan acted in five of their movies,MGR in two and the Chevalier just in one. 

  Majority of the films from Vijaya Vauhini Studios were decent and delighting films meant for the family audience.Breezy humour was the prominent element of these films.Films like Kalyanam Panni Paar,Missiamma &Manidhan Maaravillai were specially filled with high quality humour spread throughout the narration with delicate aesthetic touches.While Padhala Bhairavi and Maya Bazar had mythical element of sustaining quality,all the other films were action oriented. Family values,social awareness,wellness of mind, courage and conviction and spirit of brotherhood were the chief human traits reflected by the narration mode of these films.It was this varied cinematic sense that caused a lot of positive vibes and fulfilment of expectation in terms of exalting entertainment.

  The makers of films under Vijaya Vauhini would have been different.But all of them were suitably motivated towards augmenting the richness in audiovisual display of power packed emotions transmitting through human minds. Vijaya Vauhini Studios delivered what the audience always looked for and thereby facilitated the unfailing double goals of commercial viability and consumer satisfaction. Appropriate gauging of the mood of the viewers remained as one of the clinching points of Vijaya Vauhini Studios in taking the quality of Tamil cinema to its desired heights.This could be the secret of their continued success story.


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