Monday, November 21, 2022

Homage to a homely dialogue writer

   Popular writer of dialogues for Tamil films,Aaroordass is no more today.Starting his writing career with the film Naattiyadara,(1954)Aaroordass rose to fame with Sivaji Ganesan's immortal film Paasamalar,following his moderate show of meaningful dialogues in Gemini Ganesan' Vaazha Vaitha Dheivam.

 Nobdy can ever forget the dialogues in the climax scene of Paasamalar wherein Sivaji Ganesan recalls his childhood lullaby,sung for his sister,by replaying the words "Kai veesamma kaiveesu;kadaikku Pokalaam kai veesu;mittai vaangalaam kaiveesu;medhuva thingalaam kaiveesu"to his beloved sister Savithri.

    Paasamalar led to several winning streaks for this scintillating dialogue writer, by writing dialogues for many great Sivaji films like Paarthaal Pasi Thherum,Padithaal Mattum Pothuma, Paar Magale Paar,Annai Illam,Iru Malargal,Dheiva Magan,Pudhiya Paravai,Avan Oru Sarithiram,Naan Vaazha Vaippen and Viduthalai {the last two were the combined ahow of Sivaji Ganesan&Rajini Kanth}.All his dialogues were of the colloquial kind and it was this colloquial nature of his dialogues,uttered by Sivaji Ganesan,that contributed to the success factor of the films mentioned above.

 Whenevet the dialogues were emotion packed, it would reach the audience as a waterfall from the hills.It was a special feature of the victimized hero in Padithaal Mattum Pothuma, Irumalarkal &Dheiva magan (the facially disfigured elder son of the father who had already faced pangs of such a predicament) the arrogant hero in Paar Magale Paar,and the helpless hero in Puthiya Paravai.

  The last one was a crown on rhe head of the dialogue writer.Especially the climax scene,when the hero was rounded up by all the detective wolves,including the woman whom he sincerely loved,came out with the dialogue,"You need not have used pure love as a tool to nab me"made the scene and the film a great show.

  With MGR,Aaroordas worked for several Devar films' movies like Thai Sollai Thattaadhe, Thayai Katha Thanaiyan,KudumbaThalaivan,Vettai karan Neethikku pin Paasam,Thani Piravi and Thozhilali.His other MGR films were,Parisu, Aasai Mugam and Petral thaan Pillaiyaa. Among Devar films,Thai Sollai Thattaadhe &Neethiku Pin Paasam in which P.Kannamba delivered the powerful dialogues of Aaroordass and Petralthaan thaan Pillaiyaa which contained  a powerful story line,lived long also due to the dynamic dialogues of Aaroordass.

  The other important films of Aaroordas are Badrakali,Vidhi,Mangamma Sabadham and Unnai Naan Sandhithein.Excepting the first film,all the other films were of [late]Sujatha, who was a vibrantly performing actor.In all the three films,Sujatha donned the role of a forsaken or wronged woman.The dialogues were neatly matching the character and the story line.Vidhi was in particular,a firm feather in the crown of this amazing dialogue writer.Vidhi became a silver jubilee hit of K.Balaji's Sujatha Cine Arts not only because of the powerful performance of Sujatha& Poornima Jeyaram( now Poornima Bagyaraj) but also because of the extraordinary dialogue kit of Aaroordass. Aroordass was a regular addition in many Devar films and the movies of K.Balaji.

  In the passing away of Aaroordass,Tamil cinema is deprived of a writer of dialigues suitable to the context,character and actor.Most of his dialogues were a perfect fit for social and family story lines. Like K.S Gopalakrishnan, Aaroordass handled Tamil,with ease and ecstasy .While his passing away is pain,his participation in Tamil Cinema is both pride and glory.It is a proud privilge for this blog writer,to pay a passionate homage,to this homely,dialogue writer.



  1. RIP to aarooor Das Sir.... விதி படத்தில் வரும் கோர்ட் arguments சிறப்பானதாகும்.. சிறந்த விரிவான பதிவு ... ஆரூர் தாஸ் பற்றி நிறைய தகவல்களை பகிர்ந்து கொண்டதற்கு நன்றி சார்.

    1. மகிழ்ச்சி திரு.மணிகண்டன்.

  2. A touching tribute well deserved.